Your TIMBER personality includes some BLAZE.



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“You are crazy enough to think you can change the world. And are amongst the ones that do.”

A set of accords that typify your imaginative, determined and active self. Notes are fresh at the top with a mysterious dry down.  The top notes simulate your inventiveness and open actively with litchi, mandarin orange, lotus and bergamot. Quixotic middle notes make up this perfumes heart, with orange, brazilian rosewood and sea notes. The dry down with base notes of tonka bean, amber, musk and benzoin make for a mysterious sillage.


“Efforts and courage are not enough without your clear strategy.”

A set of perfume accords that personify your clear strategic purpose. These fragrance notes use the accords of exotic trees that in combination feel devoted and dutiful.  A sweet lavender freshness that quickly transforms into a spicy-woody heart of sandalwood, cedar, incense and okouma tree.  Its long trail feels steadfast with patchouli, sandalwood and white musk.


“Ambition is your path to success. But persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.”

These perfume accords mimic your tenacity and its end result is a feeling of vitality and stamina.  A set of well selected notes that frames this very powerful personality attribute aromatically.  Top notes open up with purposeful neroli, bergamot, lemon and apple.  It patiently moves into the middle notes of rose, patchouli and teakwood. Then subtly rises into the base notes of vanilla, musk and labdanum. The base notes endure providing the perfume with immense stability.


“Luck is what happens when your preparation meets opportunity.”

Success gravitates to those minds that are prepared... just as surely as water gravitates to the ocean.  These perfume accords illustrate your preparedness.  They are successfully woody, musky and in combination work like a well rehearsed symphony. The perfume opens up poetically with bergamot with tart zests of black currant.  The heart notes have a spicy staccato rhythm to them of coriander and cardamom.  The dry down has a woody/musk tenderness to it of cedar, tonka, amber and musk.