Get a new scent scientifically matched to your personality

Treat yourself for Xmas — get a bottle with your name on it (only available on this page)

Christmas is coming, and we’re offering a special customized perfume for you to try.

  • • The perfect perfume for your personality
  • • Your name engraved on the bottle
  • • Special discount for Christmas
  • • Free delivery

Note: this offer is only for our quiz respondents, so don’t close this page, as it will disappear!

To the right, you can see a photo of what your perfume will look like. We’ve picked the one that most closely matches your quiz results — scientifically determined to be the perfect scent for your unique style! You can also add any of the other fragrances that match your personality, using the “perfume picker” below.

As soon as you’ve purchased, your order will fire through to our lab. There, our team of expert perfumers will choose the perfect French perfume oils to match your personality. They’ll extract them from their silver perfume canisters, and carefully mix the accords on a gold tray — ensuring that each note is perfectly placed.

There are six people in this team, but the most experienced of all is Henri. He will sample the completed perfume to be sure it’s of the highest quality. It must exactly match what your quiz results say. When he is satisfied, he will gently bottle it in a canister engraved with your name, and box it up. Our courier will then take it to deliver in time for Christmas — free of charge.

Was so very excited to receive my personalised perfume just now.  Not only did I you give me personalised scents but you also personalised my bottle!  

I am so very grateful to have been apart of this wonderful experience.  Kudos to all of you that have made this possible.

Lots of love

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